The danger in speaking Ladino during World War II

In memory of Vida Peraḥya Yitzḥak and Donna Kapon

Name of speaker: 
Dolly Asher (Peraḥya)
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Tour guide
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
Year of immigration: 
Speaker's country of origin: 
Speaker's community of origin: 
Judeo-Greek, Ladino
Conversation topics: 
Tsila Cohen
Year of recording: 


General translation: Dolly tells that in June 1940, her brother, Ḥaimko Peraḥya (Ḥaim) was born. In October 1940, the Italians attacked Greece and from then on, for them, started World War II. Her father, that realised the danger, asked the family not to speak Ladino near the baby so that they would not find out they are Jewish. The situation became dangerous in Greece. Dolly, her sister and her brother ran and hid at a Greek family. Their parents ordered them not speak more