Sweet and Sour Turnip Soup

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Luiz Ben-Eliyahu
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Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe
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A: You fry meat, If you want to put meat in it. And if (it is) without meat, you fry onion and a little bit of oil, and you put a little bit of water to it… tomato paste with it. Also you bring .parsley. You chop a bundle of parsley and one of mint into small pieces.

?B: And what 

A: Mint. You chop it, you mix it together in… and you throw it on the water or the meat. And if it is without meat, put kǝbba. These small (kind of) kǝbba. Yes. you put it, And you add sour and sweet (ingredients) to it. We (used to) do it with… we don't have it (anymore). What's the name of this sour (ingredient)? Tamarind. Or lemon. a lemon… If you don't have tamarind, you squeeze a lemon, and you add sugar to it, And a little bit of salt. You pour it on the chard and the (parsley and mint). And you throw kǝbba on it. That's it.

?E: How much turnip

A: It depends on you. (Literally: isn't it your will?) According to the amount that you want to cook

Translation is provided by courtesy of Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe