The veal that turned into fish

Name of speaker: 
Silvana Gabriela Vivas
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
English teaching
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
Speaker's country of origin: 
Speaker's community of origin: 
Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)
Conversation topics: 
Prof. Liliana Benveniste
Year of recording: 
Hebrew translator: 
Dr. Shifra Schnoll


During the Spanish inquisition, a priest persuaded a Jew to convert to Christianity. One day, on a Friday afternoon, the priest came to visit the Jew, to make sure he is not breaking any Christian laws, but was surprised to find the Jew sitting down having a roasted veal for lunch.

“What is this?!” said the priest, “are you eating meat?! You know that’s not allowed on a Friday.”

“No, it’s not meat, it’s fish”, the Jew replied.  

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The speaker is not a native Ladino speaker