Our life together

Name of speaker: 
Yosef Buḥbut
Participants in the conversation: 
Sima Buḥbut
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Farmer and The Municipality of Petaḥ Tikva employee
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
Year of immigration: 
Speaker's country of origin: 
Speaker's community of origin: 
Conversation topics: 
Yaʿel Wecsler
Year of recording: 
Hebrew translator: 
Sima Buḥbut


I worked and lived in the moshav. I milked cows and gave food to the chickens because father was working. I took care of the chores at home and the farm. I was a compactor worker. I used to work on a ramp that tightens the tar on the road. The rest of the town hall’s workers were old, I was the youngest. I bought a property here in moshav Nofekh because I used to live with my father in moshav Rinatya. I bought one room, and my wife and I built the whole house. She helped me. Thank...read more