Night of Huza – a Tishʿa BeʾAv lamentation

In memory of Tsabaria Ido Zaqen Z"L


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Tsabaria Ido-Zaqen
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Prof. Yona Sabar
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Hebrew translator: 
Batya Mazor Hoffman


A general translation:

A mother who is fearful for her son warns him form the evil spirit of Judea that floats above water, "Night of Huza", during Tisha B'Av. She worries for him and that he might escape through the river (maye maye) and warns him not to walk through the fields (= dashte dashte) and not through the mountains (ture ture), since the residents there are cruel and hate the Jews (heretics) and might kill him. The mother is in fear and sorrow, more


Lel huza maye maye, ho lel huza 

Lel huza maye maye, vay li daye 


Lo aziten dashte dashte, ho lel huza 

Lo alki boch an dashtaye vay li daye 


Kafore'ya ve'alana'ye, ho lel huza 

Lag afe el dan huza'ye, vay li daye 


Lel huza maye maye, ho lel huza 

Lel huza maye maye, vay li daye  


Lo aziten ture ture, ho lel huza 

Lo alki boch an tura'ye, vay li daye 


Kafore ve'alana'ye, ho lel more

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For reading see: 

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