They were hanged in Taḥrir Square

Name of speaker: 
Tsvi Bar-Moshe and Asʾad Muʿalem
Participants in the conversation: 
Luiz Ben-Eliyahu and ʿAmal Bar-Moshe
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Tsvi - chemical engineer; Asʾad - veterinarian
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
Speaker's country of origin: 
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Conversation topics: 
Dr. Assaf Bar-Moshe
Year of recording: 


A: So they were not (involved) in… smuggling… the people

B: They didn't take money. They (just) assisted.

A: They assisted, yes

B: Yes. Anyone who wanted… they arranged a way (out) for him.

A: It's a pity that they were caught. It's a pity that they were caught.

B: Yes. That (smuggling from) Baṣġa was a disaster. A: How terrible was Baṣġa and its 

B: I… I knew more or less all these boys. I used to go to my sister Widād. She was married (and lived) more