Responsibility for my brothers and flood in the house

Name of speaker: 
Sima Buḥbut
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Domestic worker, jam and liquor making, and jewellery design
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Conversation topics: 
Yaʿel Wecsler
Year of recording: 
Hebrew translator: 
Sima Buḥbut


I raised my brothers. I am the eldest sister. My name is Sima and they would call me Simḥa (Joy) in Moroccan. I had two brothers growing up, Shimʿon and my late younger brother, Shalom. When I was six, my mother had to give birth and she told me “I am going to bring you a little sister. Sima! Take care of your brothers and the house." I wanted to shower my brothers and there was no water in the taps. When the night came even then there was no water. We went to sleep with the more