Shabbat and family in the Thessaloniki community

In memory of Vida Peraḥya Yitzḥak and Donna Kapon


Name of speaker: 
Dolly Asher (Peraḥya)
Gender of speaker: 
Occupation of speaker: 
Tour guide
Age of speaker at time of recording: 
Year of immigration: 
Speaker's country of origin: 
Speaker's community of origin: 
Judeo-Spanish (Ladino)
Conversation topics: 
Tsila Cohen
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General translation: Dolly Asher of Perahya tells she was born in 1934 in the city of Thessaloniki. Her grandfather, Haim Perahya, was a rabbi in Thessaloniki and his brother, Gabriel, was Jewish Court judge (Av Beit Din). Her grandfather passed away in 1939 and her grandmother came to live with them. Her father used to smoke on Shabbat, but out of respect to his mother, he used to smoke at the building’s corridor. On Shabbat no fire was ignited, and food was preserved from more